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Focus & Objectives

CMOORE Journal delivers news stories and news content from each relevant perspective involved with the story. Unlike its competitors, CMOORE Journal does not cover sensational news stories that are short lived but defines the following objectives:

  • To offer fair and balanced reporting on facts and news topics
  • To continually keep the public informed through the developments of stories and events from the onset through the life of the story
  • To inform and educate the public, in the same manner as above objective, on topics for business, economic and political decision making
  • Provide a service that makes information on general topics that are relevant to St. Maarten easily available to the public

The CMOORE news journal website caters to the general public or anyone needing information. The online news journal does not just cover the news but also caters to information regarding social well being, human interest topics, developments and trends.  

As its owner and founder, CMOORE Journal sets itself apart from the rest as an influential and respected online news journal and information source filling a void that is much needed in news journalism.  

CMOORE Journal’s Mission

Giving the general public, in- and outside of St. Maarten, news coverage, reporting and information that is guided by the journalism competence and knowledge of professional journalism who continually follow a story from its onset through its life­–end giving facets of the story to the public from all involved perspectives.

CMOORE Journal’s Vision

To be the first and primary source of information and events; where the general public is informed about a news story, event or feature because they saw it first on CMOORE Journal.